Is a Lab Right for You?

We want to make sure that every pup we raise enjoys a full, happy, healthy life once he or she leaves our home. In our experience, there are several conditions under which our pups thrive. Of course, we understand that all these conditions can't always be met, and that's not our goal. Instead, what follows is meant to guide you as you think about adopting one of our dogs. With that said, our pups are at their best when:

  1. They join a household that already has one or more dogs. Like all dogs, Labs are pack animals. Interacting with other dogs gives them a sense of security in a social hierarchy of their own. It brings out the best in them, and their owners!
  2. They get professional training. Labs in particular love the challenges and rewards of Obediance and Good Citizen Training. We realize this adds to the expense of owning one of our pups. But we also know that such training adds immeasurably to the joy of ownership.
  3. They are not left alone all day. Labs are highly social animals and need considerable stimulation to be at their best. In short, they thrive in the company of humans and other dogs and that's the environment we like to see them enter. If you plan to leave your pet alone for most of the day, a Lab is probably not the right breed of dog for you.
  4. They are not overfed. It is sad but true that many Labs die much earlier than they otherwise would because they are overfed and overweight. Because Labs' nature is to eat as much food as is put in front of them, it's up to the owner to exercise restraint and to feed them only as much as is recommended by the dog food manufacturer.
  5. They are well-exercised. Just like humans, Labs are happiest when they are healthy, and they are healthier when they get regular, vigorous exercise. If you can't commit to that, perhaps you should consider a breed that doesn't need such vigorous workouts.



Our girl Elizabeth (sire Dunkin) had 7 pups on Feb. 5: 3 black males, 2 black females and 2 yellow females.


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"Darbie is doing WONDERFUL!!!  We are all in love.  We couldn't be happier....she is sweet, curious, fun, and just everything we were missing....  thank you so very much."  Mandy M.



“[Our vet]...was so impressed by your breeding and believes we will have such wonderful years ahead. We all thank you and Tom for your special gifts in raising such a beautiful puppy.” Pat P.



"Thank you for doing such a great job with him, he really is the best. We are so lucky!" Angela V.


"Tucker is doing very well. He is very good with his crate and sleeps all night. Amazing for such a young dog. Thank you so much for such a great pup." Todd B.