How We Raise Your Puppy

In developing our breeding stock, we work closely with Four Seasons Labradors in Cobleskill, NY ( Trish Hadsell and her family have enormous experience in selecting breed lines for health, appearance and socialization. They take great care to ensure that dams and sires are ideally paired so that their pups are a joy to behold and a joy to have as pets and companions.


In general, we follow the techniques and principles outlined in the book, The Art of Raising a Puppy, by the Monks of New Skete, in Cambridge, NY. They train their own dogs, as well as dogs of any breed, "...according to  a unique program based on an understanding of canine behavior and enhancing the bond between dog and owner." The book is highly recommended.

To give you a sense of the rearing principles we follow, we've kept a "diary" of a litter of Dogwood Labradors' puppies born on January 10, 2009, from the time we  determined that the dam was pregnant untll they left for their new homes. LEARN MORE


Our girl Elizabeth (sire Dunkin) had 7 pups on Feb. 5: 3 black males, 2 black females and 2 yellow females.


To check on availability, please email, or call Tom or Howard at 518-325-5260.


For photos and info on Lizzie's sire, Dunkin, please 










"Darbie is doing WONDERFUL!!!  We are all in love.  We couldn't be happier....she is sweet, curious, fun, and just everything we were missing....  thank you so very much."  Mandy M.



“[Our vet]...was so impressed by your breeding and believes we will have such wonderful years ahead. We all thank you and Tom for your special gifts in raising such a beautiful puppy.” Pat P.



"Thank you for doing such a great job with him, he really is the best. We are so lucky!" Angela V.


"Tucker is doing very well. He is very good with his crate and sleeps all night. Amazing for such a young dog. Thank you so much for such a great pup." Todd B.