About English Labs

While the AKC recognizes only one breed of Labrador Retrievers, there are, in fact, two different breed "styles"  -- American (or Field Labs), and English (Show or Conformation Labs). The differences are many. English Labs are short (no more han 24" from floor to under the chin), rounded body, block head, large paws and a "beaver" tail (very thick, no too long). American Labs are bred to be taller, lankier, have pointier heads and noses and thinner tails. In addition, American Labs tend to be higher energy dogs and to be more highly strung than English Labs. Click on the links below for more information about English and American Labs.


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We are expecting a litter from Elizabeth and Dunkin around the first week of February, 2018, ready for new homes in early April.


If you wish to be placed on our list of prospective buyers, please email info@dogwood-labradors.com, or call Tom or Howard at 518-325-5260.


For photos and info on Lizzie's and Angie's sire, Dunkin, please 



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"Darbie is doing WONDERFUL!!!  We are all in love.  We couldn't be happier....she is sweet, curious, fun, and just everything we were missing....  thank you so very much."  Mandy M.



“[Our vet]...was so impressed by your breeding and believes we will have such wonderful years ahead. We all thank you and Tom for your special gifts in raising such a beautiful puppy.” Pat P.



"Thank you for doing such a great job with him, he really is the best. We are so lucky!" Angela V.


"Tucker is doing very well. He is very good with his crate and sleeps all night. Amazing for such a young dog. Thank you so much for such a great pup." Todd B.